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Key Media House and media personality caught on the Njenga Karumes death rumor.


Hours before, rumours had it that the veteran politician Njenga Karume was dead. NTV Kenya was caught on the upheaval and went ahead to post it on their twitter https://twitter.com/#!/ntvkenya  and Facebook accounts “https://t.co/H5XpMUpx


Contrary to the messages posted by the media house, one of the family members issued a statement quashing away the posts in the social site. In an effort to counter the rumours, presidential aspirant Uhuru Kenyatta too posted in his facebook page urging Kenyans to desist from the rumor mongering activities which leads to pain anguish and fear of the involved personalities.  Caroline Mutoko Kiss Fm presenter too confirmed about the rumor and said it was not true.

Mwalimu King’ang’i aka Churchill Ndambuki a media and entertainment personality in Kenya too was not spared either. He posted on his twitter account condolence message to the family referring Mr. Njenga as  “a man full of legacies and achievements! ” following his death.He however withdrew the statement and apologized and then referred himself as a victim of bad “Sincerest Apologies to Hon Njenga Karume & family, apparently he is very much alive, am also a victim of bad… “

Later in the day NTV reacted by issuing an apology statement in facebook and twitter that corrected the initial. It read as… “CORRECTION: Njenga Karume is not dead, he is bedridden and critically ill. We apologise for an earlier misleading report on this story.” based on the reactions posted in twitter, ntv received negative response with even others questioning the credibility of the media house as well as others demanding for the sucking of the person who run the story .


The scoop strategy in media houses might cost some heavily if not exercised with high diligence and precision. Based on this story, who is the dead one? Ntv, Njenga or the person who ran the story?


Follow the link below for an extensive coverage report of the story




JVC! Jaluo Very Complicated Letter!

Dear Jaber,
I have excellently juxtaposed myself at my
favorite corner at this juncture, this
opportune time to narrate to you the status
of my emotional condison and the paison of
my heart Vis-a-Vis my lovely lady.

Atoti! It has been exactly two years, twenty
three days, four hours and seven minutes
from the day that my sight landed
unavoidably on your well endowed external
outline. In all this time my feelings have
surpassed everything to become true love asy
hear Drums 4ur attension. My love for you
Nyako has grown deeper than the still waters
of NAM-LOLWE the place where NYAMGODHO
fished out the love of his life.

Nyathijomoko! As I write to you I am smiling,
thinking of your beauty for which I have
always thanked God. The day I met you, that
your beauty struck me like lightening as my
body felt weak and my heart skipped a beat.
Speaking of God, I must admit that he must
have held CONSULTATIONS with me albeit in
my dreams because he created you in the
very same way I have always described the
woman of my dreams. Physically endowed,
full chest, beautiful and big brown eyes, White
teeth like CHA-CHIEW!
YAYE NYADUNDO! You are the love of my life,
the reason of my being, the very essence of
my existence. NYAR JO MWANDU! You enrich
my life with your ever present and beautiful
smile. You are my wealth and with you in my
life the likes of BILL GATES and CARLOS SLIM
are below my average.

Baby you are the answer to all my questions, in fact with you, I
have more answers than questions.You are
the DOT in my email address and the only
number on my mailing box. Sweetheart! you
have made my life superliciously outstanding
and because of you I have become the
subject of envy to men like OBAMA,
RAILA himself. RAPUDO! When I first set my eyes on you I
knew I wanted to be your slave. To run far
and long, day and night for your heart more
than RUDISA could ever run for the GOLD.

NYARJOKAOCHA! My love for you has grown
exponentially and multi-purposely in all this
time. I love you more than an OKUYU loves
MBECHA; I value you more than a MAASAI
values his CATTLE; I adore you more than a
LUHYA adores that his UGALI,CHICKEN and TEA;
I want you more than RAILA wants to be
PRESHIDENT and I will always defend you
more than a MERU would ever defend his
you loving blackforesty sweet chicken jakom.

“I CLAIM NO ORIGINALITY!” Accuse me not of plagiarism.

Conflict between your personal Ethics and proffesional ethics.

Well yesterday I was glued at the ease of my seat watching news. At some point I lost attention in watching news and got surrounded by thoughts. Who are you in person and when employed? I will not accuse neither criticize Mr. Mutua actions but where do you draw the line between your personality and the character your profession wants you to be? Some jobs are very demanding and the kitties they come with are worth a take. On the other hand if you factor in personal principals then I bet you will think again.

What am I saying? I can’t differentiate government’s spokesman when on duty or when in real life. I must admit I have not met him in person but I don’t think I got the guts to reconsider what I believe. Why? This is because the profession or rather the post he is in taints him otherwise. I can’t argue anything less than him being a liar. At one point we have all lied. Other than that what happens when you have to give a series of lies that even when you say the truth it cannot be differentiated? The lies become so rampant that your viewers will be expecting a season release of your lies. Episode 1 – 20 then Season 2 and the latter follows.

I accept you need to put bread on your table. But again remember that image also matters. There is more to life other than your occupation. You can’t preach water and drink wine. If you are known as a liar especially in public media then it will be difficult for people to differentiate the public you and real you. The masses the media reach to is immense. Once in public media your reputation will be a sensitive matter to consider.

Before you sign that contract or job offer that you get, factor in the person you are and the person the job requires you to be. Once you realize they are parallel to each other then go ahead but if they are contrary to the person you are, then think again. Look at that terms and condition and reason out. Consistency is what we need. Don’t be kigeugeu!

The views drafted here are mine and are at no intention to injure anyone’s reputation.

She was not your fiancée, she was your mistress.

I don’t know where to start but I will start here. The tension we get is extreme. We strive to our best but on occasions end up in disparagement other than praise. We are subject to unfair challenges in this world. How do we justify this unfair treatment of the cruel world? How do you react when you realize she was just a mistress and not your fiancée? Do you revenge? Do sit down and suffer? How do you get that emotional satisfaction?
At my comfort
This Saturday I set my foot to a club on Baricho road within Nairobi environs.. This time I was alone simply because I didn’t have company and I crazily wanted to sip something after close to a month of denial. I comforted myself over the counter stools and ordered a drink from Man Maish, a modest counter server who smiles every time and laughs at any joke. Interesting chap he is.
The Stranger
On soothe of my seat and at sip of my drink, a young man in early 28 checks in and sits on the stool next to me. He orders a drink and goes ahead to grab his phone. He starts making this extreme phone call but it’s like he just didn’t manage to get the recipient. He text but no reply s whatsoever.
“Hi I am Mathew,” He breaks the silence. “Kindly can I borrow your phone Sir?”
“Yeah sure,” I replied, he dials and lucky for him the recipient picks up the call.
“Hey Ann it’s me Mathew, look we need to talk” then the she hangs up the phone call. He gives me back my phone and goes ahead to ask with these rigid thoughts that you could tell from his face.
“What would make a lady refuse to talk to you?”
I replied with a blatant respond, “well there many reasons but I think she doesn’t like you.”
“What do you mean she does not like me? She is my fiancée.” He reacts.
“Okay well in that case Mathew, maybe she is pissed with you or it is that time of the month you know,” I respond,
“Okay then,” he answers but from look of things his just not contented with my reply.
This isn’t rocket science so I figured out that it might be another relationship issue. So I ask him “Mathew what’s up?”
“Nothing nothing man am good.” he responds.
You sure you’re good?
Yeah, look I just came to have my drink and drive home. Okay?
“Okay Mathew okay.” I responded.
The problem with men is that we got ego and think we can just sought out our mess every time. This time someone was in for a rude shock (based on my story). We never accept when distressed. Especially if its topic that has to do with a break up.
“Waiter, three absolute shots with lemon please and a bottle of water.” he orders.
“So hey you didn’t tell me your name.”
“Oh I am Franklin but you can call me Frank.” I answer.
“Can I buy you a drink Frank?” He asks.
Yeah sure! I replied. The latter follows with a three first round of beer.
So we start talking on political issue and in no time we find ourselves in the topic of business then family and in no time we end up in relationship. Seems the vodka was taking its course, the guy finally opens up and in no time he starts explaining the whole story.
In brief the guy was left for another man. According to what he told me. Back to my assumption, she does not like you!
Well I must admit am not good in offering solutions so I told him. He got to accept other than live in denial which is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
“Accept? Dude did I just told you that was my fiancée, are you sick?”
“No am not sick Mathew. You see this world is a brutal world, to you she was yours but to her you are not his. This just another double deal issue. It was only a matter of time before it happened. You should have seen the signs man but it’s too late. She is gone! Get real!”
“Okay Frank, so what am I supposed to do?”
Mathew I am not a professional counselor, but if I were you, I got a life, I will move on!”. But again, healing comes with time, so allow yourself time sob then sober up!”
He orders for another round to sum up to nine bottles, six shots and four beers for him.
Poor guy, “Mathew I know this is difficult but you know what, it’s part of life.

The picture contrary to the Character
He picks his phone and shows me the picture of the fiancée,
I did not know I was in for a discourteous shock. The person in picture was Ann.
She is my school mate. Quite chubby, but flat bellied. Light in color. Her hair was a rich shade of mahagony. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-green and seemed to brighten the world. A straight nose, full lips – she seemed the picture of perfection I got to admit. However, that was the just the physical aspect that the eye gets swayed by.
On the other hand, her character spoke quite different of the beautiful and booty full physique. Opportunist, liar, answers to no one, dates and sleeps with multiple partners, focuses on her own interests and happiness only and is very libertine.
“I know her!” I utter in rudely but cautiously.
“You know her?” he asks.
Yeah that’s my school mate.
“Wait a minute, she is not in school she is working.” he responds.
“No Mathew she is in school at Nairobi University, pursuing a degree in economics. She lied to you. She is in evening classes and a very good liar in that case”
“You can’t call her a liar.”
Yes she is a liar and an opportunist! No compromise!
So how do you know that? He asks.
“Because she has dated close to every well good pocket guys I know and gone ahead to ditch them in the institution” This is not a new case here.”
“So you want to imply I have been living in a world of imagination?”
“Well not really. A more close to that. An unrealistic world! How long did the two of you date? I ask.
“For one year.” He answers.
“Year and already engaged? I ask in a foul way? Wait and how did you get engaged? Did she accept the engagement ring?
How did the two of you meet? I ask discreetly.
You see I was posted in Nairobi for my job; I came to search for a house in Ngummo. So I stopped by Kenyatta market to have my lunch. As I had my lunch she came over ordered and sat directly opposite of me. So I broke a conversation and that’s how I knew her. In short while, I knew her and after clearing, we set out together in such of the house. Finally I was able to locate one house and after a week I moved in. Two weeks later we organized a date and a month later we already began seeing each other.
“Go ahead I am listening.” I replied.
“So we have been dating since last year. And we I have been through a lot but I keep hoping that one day we will be able to sought our differences and settle down.”
“Your first love?” I inquire.
“Yes!” He retorts.
I look at my watch and it’s two in the morning.
“Okay. Well Mathew this sounds more interesting than I actually thought it would be. We need humble time and talk this issue out and clearly. We need to organize something somewhere.” I answer.
“One more drinks chief.” Then he goes ahead to order Man Maish for another final round.
“No thank you. Spare it for our next chat.” I counter.
“Well if you insist, then okay we will catch up sometime. However can I have your number?
“Sure.” I respond.
I gave him my number then we all left the club at around two thirty in the morning.
I had to cut short the entire conversation. Because of three main reasons,
One there are rumors that Ann was a HIV infected, yet Mathew already told me they had “made out on many occasions”
Two, because I didn’t know where to start in telling him the shocker!
Three, he was highly intoxicated. So he might not believe or take serious what I had in mind.

Catch up for episode 2 on how I went about breaking the news!

facebook and its shame!

I must say there are marvelous invention in the world of technology so to speak of social network in particular. Tremendous improvement is seen in the life of many. Individuals have made many friends; others have gone to an extent of getting married, divorced, engaged, got jobs lost jobs and many more.

Conversely, It is also through this site that i have had one of my embarrassing moments

It all started way back in high school rugby national games. Having played our quarters my friend and I left to meet our center of attention Greensteads school. Then I was convinced the school had the fliest Chiquita in our district. With excitement we arrived and to the envy of many were welcomed warmly. Perhaps it because of our superiority in rugby. We joined the mamas and immediately, vibe started flowing down. With me was this Briton Chiquita. Light skin, moderate height, admirable physique. Initially i had met her before so intro was not important. So our random talk got on track as we tried to catch up on lost time. You don’t need to know what transpired in between but the worst was drawing itself closer and closer.

“Guys we got to chuck so conclude.” Said our school games master. Having a back ground of following orders, I had to wind up. The worst came when I asked her how am going to get the pictures that we took. Well this how she answered… “You got a face book?” Hm mm!!! I was thinking hard what would this face book stuff be? So spare my stupid answer and illogical thinking. ”My face book?” I asked back at least to get proper understanding. “Yes,” she responded. I said, “It’s in the bus.”
Dude, do u know what face book is? It’s a social site!! How can it be in the bus Frankline?”

For a moment i was silent then i gave this cover up, ” But hey i meant my laptop is in the bus i can access facebook through it.” She went ahead said well then bring it, it got USB!

That was such a shame!!
Moral Lesson, Don’t assume you know everything. Its better to get it wrong than to pretend you know!
What an embarrassing moment…
Faccbook logo!

Yesterday Yesterday!!!

Yesterday was a remarkable day a day like no other in my life a day that opened my new features of my life. A day that saw me buy lunch that wasn’t in my budget , which resulted to only thirty shilling existing in my pocket, a day that am given a loan without asking for it, a day that I made fifteen friends in one hour, a day that my mama uttered the words never do drive her vehicle again, the first day in the month to pay twenty shillings as my transport fee home, a day that I realized life is just not about money and party but priorities that mould the future, (based on the story shared by my ex) a day that I survived by only milk scones for supper, a day that I finally accept, my ears aren’t that alert  LOL!!! More importantly, a day that saw me elected as KeMU Journalism chairman! A day that marks new responsibilities for a time not known! OH! Yesterday came so suddenly! But I liked Yesterday!! Poke Poke!! Yesterday!!

Sex & Morality

I may not share the same feeling with everyone but seriously, am a worried man. Why? because we Kenyans especially my youth colleagues’   have lost all the morals that needs to be in us to be ranked morally upright. Three events held in Kenya have assured me that indeed we have lost it.

Masinde Muliro was one of those incidents that came into lime light. This was followed by swaggerific concert and lastly the last man standing rugby tournament in Nyayo National Stadium about two weeks ago. So much has been said about these but i feel less has been said to address them.

I totally accept that change indeed is taking place. However i strongly believe that with morality, especially where sex is an issue, change is not allowed period!

Can we all realize that as much as we want to enjoy sex at least the issues of responsibility and also self respect needs to be applied. Ten years ago there were no such things. Does it mean that ten years from now people will be allowed to have sex in daylight publicly? Many would argue that having sex in the public is fun. I beg to differ that, to me its lacking self respect. It is worry some because what kind of examples will we be showing to the younger ones. If we allow this then it means we actually have allowed to burying down our young brothers and sisters.

I will not totally blame the individuals involved in this but i will blame you as an individual who fills the same as i am and does nothing to address it. The way forward to me is not burying our heads in sand and say “i hope and believe things will change” No! lets sit down and communicate. We need to make the rest of us realize that there pose a great danger if we do allow such immorality to happen. We Africans have a different ways of living that was generated from our co fathers. Let’s not bury all the teachings we got from them but instead pass them to future generation. We don’t need to live but leave a positive legacy.

Am not saying that we need to be saints but at least we need to try and act like ones. Sex is one of the key things that lead to family break ups and relationships. How? It’s because we have refused to accept the issue of morals within us as individuals. We have accepted to live in this world for today and not focus for tomorrow . You are what you are by your actions and behavior which will form the basis of judgments in future. If you decide to be irresponsible with your body then believe me you, nothing will come along to taint the image that you have set. It might be crashed down like a mirror and forgotten but if we memories come in, then the pieces will be brought and arranged and once again becomes what it was. Not exactly but a resemblance which is enough to identify you!

Be sensitive with what you do. If the desires cant be controlled then i think issues of privacy falls in. At least make it private. Besides, our constitution affirms us of legal action to any one who denies us privacy. We don’t need to know how much audacity you can carry when it comes to such matters!

I wish to challenge any reader of this article to do something that will impact a positive change in the lost sheep’s! It does not matter how but if the end result will be something that can change this behavior, thumbs up to you.